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Letterpress Wanted

I'm always on the look out for new stock. Some for re-sale and some to build up my own personal collection, so if you are looking to part with your letterpress collection however big or small please keep Urbanfox Letterpress in mind. Nothing is ever wasted or scrapped and all of it goes back in to the printing trade in some way. Even any old type that is no longer suitable for printing is consigned to the hell box ready to be cast in to new type and ornaments at a later date.

I know that it can be difficult to part with something that has been built up over many many years and carefully used and loved but whatever you do, please please please don't sell it for scrap!!!!

Fair and reasonable offers are always made and UK and in some cases mainland Europe is not a problem. I’ve worked closely with many a BPS member and careful and efficient removal of equipment is always undertaken.

Either drop me an email or call Roger on 07950 953 543 or use the contact form. Having some images to email over really helps me make an offer in a timely manner.