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Letterpress Auction

Welcome to the auction page of Urbanfox Letterpress. Please take a moment to read the below.

For those of you that have been following the fox on Instagram will be aware that we have been wanting to try out different ways of selling, especially for the rare and unique letterpress types.

We put out a call asking how you would like to see the rarer stuff sold and the general feeling was through an on line auction...but NOT eBay. So here we are...a page dedicated to running an in-house auction. Happy Bidding!

If you are the wining bidder there is no need to check out through the website. I will send an invoice via email. Nothing has changed there.

Remember - The price excludes shipping, so if you are bidding from abroad, make sure you factor in the shipping cost.

You should get an email notifying you that your bid has been accepted and if you have been outbid - If a bid goes in anywhere in the last 3 minutes of an auction the auction will automatically extend for another 5 minutes to eradicate sniping at the last second. 

And finally, if you place a bid and you win then you have committed to buying the item. Please don't message me after saying you have change your mind. It really isn't fair on the other people bidding.