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Urbanfox is now on Instagram

Urbanfox is now on Instagram,  see below for a selction of recent images from the feed, be sure to follow the fox to stay up to date with new stock alerts and general letterpress imagery.

There is a huge collective of talented letterpress printers showcasing their work on Instagram and I highly recommend taking the time to browse some of the profiles as the quality of work people are producing is pretty inspirational. 

About Urbanfox letterpress

Urbanfox Letterpress is a friendly small business run from a unit in St Peters near Broadstairs in Kent.  I buy and sell most letterpress related items. 

I try to keep a rolling stock of vintage letterpress decorations, borders and ornaments, printing blocks and all kinds of other letterpress miscellany.  I occasionally have small table top presses, such as Adana 8 x 5's and the odd proofing press when available and  more recently had small to mid size platens.

I originally became hooked on Letterpress after a chance buy at an auction, I ended up with a large collection of type and an old Adana flatbed.   Through a mix of luck and good timing in 2012     I was offered more letterpress and started to acquire all sorts of type (wood and metal), ornaments, decorations and all manner of Letterpress related miscellany and the rest as they say, is history.

I care passionately about the heritage of Letterpress printing. I never break up any founts and where possible try to make sure the type goes back to someone who is going to use and love it as intended. I print myself using an Adana 8 x 5 and a and a small proof press

The here and now...

2017 saw the business develop and grow rapidly. From predominantly selling on eBay at the start of the year to mainly selling via Instagram, which has meant more interaction with customers and cheaper prices. This has continued to be the main avenue that I now sell and 2020 has seen the demand for letterpress type surge. You can also find me at most printers fairs/wayzgoose

I'm out on the road most weeks buying new stock and my main passion is hunting down old founders type. I try to salvage and bring back to market rare and interesting typefaces some dating back to the late 1800's.

I also source scarce and hard to find items for customers. if you are looking for something then there is a good chance eventually I will find it.

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